RICE -- Rice city officials are in the process of finding a new city clerk after the surprise resignation of the previous one.

City Clerk Marie Weinand resigned from her position last Tuesday, hours after asking to go home early earlier that day.

Mayor Dale Rogholt says that night he received an email from Weinand saying she was resigning from the position effective immediately, which caught him by surprise.

During last night's (Monday) city council meeting the board approved a resolution to formally accept Weinand's resignation and discuss what to do next.

Upon further discussion the council decided to look for an interim city clerk until an full time person can be hired.

Rogholt says because the job of clerk is a specialized position the council wants to come up with some criteria the new hire should have before they start accepting applications.

The council plans to address those ideas at the next council meeting.

Weinand worked as city clerk for the last seven years.