DULUTH (AP) - Rhubarb tops the menu for Duluth this weekend.

Duluth celebrates its annual Rhubarb Festival on Saturday. It's a benefit for Churches United in Ministry, or CHUM, a group that serves homeless and poor people.

Ask Jeff Van Stratten how much rhubarb it takes to make 1,200 pies, 500 crisps and other tart delights, and he'll give you a simple answer: More.

Van Stratten's spent the last two weeks traipsing through backyards, picking hundreds of stalks. The festival estimates it uses over a ton of rhubarb annually.

Rhubarb snow cones are new on the menu, along with old favorites like rhubarb bratwurst, rhubarb relish, rhubarb burritos and rhubarb salsa.

Coordinator Mary Schmitz says Duluth's festival just keeps growing. Last year CHUM raised over $66,000 from it.