PLYMOUTH - A retired car salesman in the Twin Cities has turned the tables and now volunteers his time helping people buy their next car.

Eight-one-year-old Ted Weinberg sold cars for 49-years. Now he has his "Auto Buying Service" based out of Plymouth.

Weinberg says he helps take the intimidation out of buying a car.

He says his clients offer to pay him, but he never accepts their money. He says he mostly works with senior citizens.

He says he tries to go with them to the dealerships as often as he can.

Weinberg says he only deals with seasoned sales professionals.  He says he can help negotiate how much they get for their trade-in, and payment plans.

Weinberg says you use an agent to help you buy a house, so why not have one help you buy a car?

Weinberg estimates that he saves his clients between $1,000 and $2,000 by keeping them from being talked into buying extras.

He also wants to stress that not all salesmen, and not all dealerships are bad.

Contact Ted Weinberg:
Phone: (763) 227-3836