ST. CLOUD - Student leaders and community members gathered in the Atwood Memorial Center tonight to hear the results of the Homecoming referendum.

Six-hundred and eighty nine SCSU students voted.

The question was, "Should St. Cloud State University reinstate Homecoming into a Celebrate! SCSU weekend, thus titling the weekend Celebrate! SCSU: Homecoming?"

Student Government elections chair, Courtney Downingreleased the results: 75 percent of students who participated in the election voted yes and 8 percent were opposed. 16 percent had no opinion.

The results are non-binding, but will help the Student Government take an official position on the issue.

After the election results were released, Student Government president, Jarrod Wiggins gave an unexpected resignation.

Student Government vice president, Hannah Muerhoff will soon take over as President.

Jarrod Wiggins' full resignation:

College Senator Election Results:

College of Liberal Arts:
Ben Pauley
Matthew O'Neil

School of Public Affairs:
Stephanie Crandall
Adam Booth

School of Education:
Mohamed Soumah
Grant Brakob

Herberger School of Business:
Oliver Tempel
Lucas Golliet

College of Science and Engineering:
InYoung Choi
Devon Bowker

School of Health and Human Services:
Emmanuel Oppong