ST. CLOUD -- Residents of a St. Cloud mobile home park have a better understanding about what's in store for their futures.

A public hearing was held tonight (Tuesday) for the anticipated closure of Shady Oaks mobile home park and the impact it has on the displaced residents.

Dan Wilson of Wilson Development Services was hired as a neutral third party to help in the closing process. He says residents have two main options in this process.

"The real questions we are going to address as quickly as possible is can the unit they own be moved to another site. For the units that can't be moved we need to go through an appraisal process to determine a purchase price," says Wilson.

The park owners, who plan to retire and sell the property, gave residents a notice of the closure in February, which complies with the state required nine month notice.

The hearing on the park's closure is required by law and needed to be held 60 days before the official closing date.

Wilson says with a closing date in site, it's better for all parties to get the relocation process started earlier rather than later.

"Usually, even if people find replacement housing it's going to take 30 days before they can move in and we can usually complete our work in that time period as well," says Wilson.

The park plans to officially close by November 17th.

Shady Oaks has 16 mobile homes on the 10 acre site.  It is unknown what will be going into the location.