ST. CLOUD -- Republican leaders have begun promoting their long term proposal on transportation funding.

Today (Monday) Senator John Peterson and other leaders gathered at Spee-Dee Delivery to present their 10-year, $7-billion road and bridge plan.

The plan prioritizes road and bridge infrastructure through immediate repair of roads in Minnesota communities, highway improvements for commuters and long-term funding without raising taxes.

The republican proposal will help repair or replace over 15,000 lane miles and 330 bridges without a tax increase.

Earlier this month, Governor Mark Dayton proposed a 10-year, $10.5-billion funding plan that would be paid for through a 6.5% increase to the wholesale gas tax, increasing vehicle registration fees to 1.5% and raising car license tabs by $10.00.

Peterson says he feels the governors gas tax increase is counter productive on many different levels.

Peterson says they had a similar presentation at the Capitol this morning with House Transportation Committee Chairman Tim Kelly, and have other press conferences schedule this week throughout the state.

Committee leaders will be hearing the proposed bill later this week and the bill could pass off the House floor by the end of April.