UNDATED - A lot of us are riding to work alone.  That's according to a new study released today (Tuesday) by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

MnDOT says fewer than one-percent of the workers in the 12-county Central Minnesota area take transit to work.  They say most people find free or low-cost parking at their destinations.

The study goes on to say changing the mindset of Central Minnesotans could be the biggest obstacle to finding effective commuter transportation alternatives.

One possible option could be a guaranteed ride home program, which provides commuters who travel to work on transit or by carpool a free taxi or rental car ride home, if need be.

The study also identified four corridors that could support regular commuter transit operations: Cold Spring to St. Joseph to St. Cloud, St. Michael to Minneapolis, Buffalo to Minneapolis, and St. Cloud to Minneapolis.

MnDOT interviewed 1,200 people over the phone, surveyed users of park-and-ride lots, and did an online survey.