COLD SPRING - Upgrades and repairs to downtown Cold Spring will cost just over $3.2 million, according to a feasibility study.

The city is looking to reconstruct County Road 2, also known as Red River Avenue. City engineer Brian Lintgen says a large part of the cost involves replacing utilities like storm sewers.

"Cold Spring is taking the opportunity to repair and replace a good portion of their utilities through this area. A lot of the costs associated with this project are updating and repairing those utilities."

The updates also call for large granite columns being placed near the entrances of Cold Spring. The columns will be gateways to welcome people into town and direct them to the core part of the city.

Improvements also include updating sidewalks, adding granite benches, more parking, and putting in more trees and bike racks.

Stearns County will pay for much of the road work and a portion of the storm sewer updates. Cold Spring is responsible for the remainder of the costs including some road costs, sanitary sewer, water main, services, a portion of the storm sewer and utility modifications.

The feasiblity study will be presented to the city council on Tuesday night to give them a better idea of the scope and costs of the project. The council is expected to approve a public hearing for the updates on August 25th.

In red: area for upgrades in downtown Cold Spring. (City of Cold Spring)