WAITE PARK -- Residents of a Waite Park mobile home park could be a step closer to some financial support when it comes to relocating.

During tonight's (Monday) city council meeting, the council will look to approve a trust fund account to help pay for some of the relocation costs involving the proposed two-hotel and conference center.

Planning and Community Development Director Jon Noerenberg says a number of residents do not have the financial support to cover relocation expenses and the trust account is designed to make the transition easier.

"You know if they have to put down-payment's down at another mobile home park, apartment complex or a home, what this is designed to do is make those necessary payments they may not have available," says Noerenberg.

The city has been working with relocation consultant Dan Wilson of Wilson Development Services, LLC to help the residents with the transition.

Wilson's proposal suggests the council start with a deposit of $25,000, where residents could claim up to $3,000 to cover costs. The proposal also states the account could grow as activity increases.

Noerenberg says the relocation costs will not come from the city or taxpayers but rather through the Silver Leaf Development group.

"All the relocation expenses including the trust fund account is passed back through the Silver Leaf Group through the arrangement we have. So the city and the taxpayers are not shouldering this burden," says Noerenberg.

About 30 homes will be displaced as part of the proposed hotel project.

Noerenberg says if approved, a public hearing still needs to be held on the closing of the Tri-County Mobile Home Park which could be scheduled for the end of the month.