ST. CLOUD - The chain restaurant Red Robin Gourmet Burgers appears to be interested in opening up a location here in the St. Cloud metro area.  However, details are very limited.

Red Robin tipped their hand when they posted an online job opening for an assistant general manager position in St. Cloud, which has people throughout the community speculating about possible locations for the franchise.

WJON News has been working hard to come-up with some answers.  Red Robin Guest Relations spokeswoman Danielle Hatfield has responded to an email saying "they have targeting opening of mid-August of this year." And, that "they'll begin accepting applications four to five weeks prior to opening".  However, our request for more information on exactly where the restaurant will be located hasn't been answered.

St. Cloud Planning Director Matt Glaesman says he hasn't had any contact from them.  Sartell's Planning and Community Development Director Anita Rasmussen says she hasn't heard from them either.  The St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce has also tried to reach out to Red Robin officials, but haven't heard back from them.

If they're going to sell beer and other alcohol, they will eventually have to apply for a liquor license with the city they're in.

Red Robin currently has three locations in Minnesota: Apple Valley, Plymouth, and Shoreview. They have over 500 restaurants nationwide.

Stay tuned...