ST. CLOUD - Renovations were needed over the summer to update and fix the nearly 100-year-old Tech High School.

St. Cloud Tech High School principal Adam Holm says asbestos and holes in the ceiling area led to several upgrades in the school, including a new media center.

"It was identified that plaster was falling down and there were holes in our foundation that contained asbestos, through that we were able to come up with this new beautiful facility," Holm says.

Several hallways, floors, the gymnasium and weight room were also renovated. The media center library upgrade adds more space for students to have study sessions and includes a new computer lab.

"We have two giant spaces and an updated computer lab upstairs and there's wi-fi throughout the whole center," Holm says.

The media center also encourages community learning. Tech High School principal Adam Holm says students often use the media center to discuss and work on assignments.

"Anytime you can get four or five students to talk about what's going on in class-being able to reach out and bring that into their lessons, I think we're excelling," Holm says.

District 742 spent around $1 million on the upgrades and is in the process of discussing more renovations or building a new Tech High School.


Upgraded Tech Media Center. (Dan DeBaun, WJON News)