FREEPORT - Have you ever heard a dog sing? Well, you can now at the Hemker Zoo in Freeport.

The zoo and wildlife park recently acquired Gus and Lucy, a pair of rare New Guinea Singing Dogs.

Heidi Hemker runs the Hemker Park and Zoo. She says while the very friendly and curious 9 month-old pups look a lot like typical domesticated dogs, they're definitely also hunters, climbers and very wild.

"That's why we have the double fence," Hemker says.

While the pups' natural habitat is in the South Pacific, most of the 6,000 left in the world now live in captivity. The dogs are on the "threatened species" list right now, but could soon become endangered, Hemker says.

As for the singing? While the dogs are known for their unusual song-like howl, Hemker they've mostly been "singing" when they want attention from staff and zoo-goers.

Hemker Zoo is located a couple of miles outside Freeport on County Road 39.

And, check out this video of WJON's Abby Faulkner getting up close and personal with Gus and Lucy.