ST. CLOUD -- Quinlivan and Hughes law firm will be getting a new building come 2015.

Community members gathered at the former Granite Bowl site today (Monday) to be apart of the ground-breaking ceremony for the firms new location.

Quinlivan and Hughes CEO Steve Schwegman says they looked at many locations but ultimately wanted to stay in the downtown area.

"We started looking at different locations and there is just something about being apart of downtown and continuing the redevelopment and expansion of St. Cloud," says Schwegman.

The site will be developed into a 17,000 square-foot office building.

Quinlivan and Hughes currently resides within the Wells Fargo building. Schwegman says  the new building will help them feel less isolated.

"The Wells Fargo building is a great location, but we felt a little isolated as a result of that," says Schwegman.

The site is part of a downtown redevelopment project, which will create over 100 jobs for those building the structure.

Schwegman says they hope to begin operation in their new building come January 2015.


Quinlivan and Hughes holds ground-breaking at former Granite Bowl site. (PHOTO: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)