Everyone has a favorite Christmas they fondly remember and even tell stories about. During WJON's Question of the Week, we asked you to tell us about your favorite gift or toy you got for Christmas. We got lots of responses.

And what are your favorites?

NewsGuy Jim Maurice -- Mickey Mouse Guitar and a sled
SportsDude Dave Overlund -- I disappointed my parents when I got "Legend of Zelda." I ran off to play before opening my other gifts.
WJON Mid-day host Kelly Cordes -- a red-haired Barbie Doll named Kelly, a record player and a rust colored organ with a fan that was louder than the organ.


Caller -- When I was a kid, I had four brothers. My parents bought us BB guns a month or so before Christmas and locked them in a closet. When they would go to bowling on Friday nights, my brothers and I would pick the lock, grab the BB guns and go shoot them off. Then, we would tape the packages together again and lock them back up before my parents got home. By Christmas morning, our BB guns were practically falling apart under the tree.  Thank goodness for Friday night bowling at the Granite Bowl!
Caller John
-- When I was a kid, we didn't have much money. And for Christmas, my four younger brothers and I got a brand new toboggan. I spent hours and hours on that thing. And no, we all didn't fit on the sled at once!
-- a Whirly Bird
Mike -- My brother and I both got our first bicycles one Christmas. And I got a BB gun. (And yes, they still sell those. And yes, you'll shoot your eye out, kid!)
John -- telescope
Cindy -- Easy Bake Oven and Hot Wheels set
Ashli -- Barbie Dream House
John -- GI Joe with all the accessories. He and his siblings would play war.
Caller -- Shirley Temple book, matching scarf and mittens and a Buck Rogers gun.
Caller -- Table top hockey game
Andrea -- A desk and a play phone so I could play office.
Caller -- My dad built a puppet theatre stage and put on a show for us. We took our "really cool" present to school for show and tell.
Caller -- When I was 5 or 6, Santa put the tree up, all the decorations up Christmas eve and under the tree were boxes and boxes and boxes of Tonka trucks under the tree. It was the best Christmas ever!
Caller -- When I was in fourth grade or so, we didn't have a lot of money and after all the gift were opened, I fought back tears because everyone got their gifts, and I didn't get much. That's when my mom jumped up and said, "Oh, I have one last thing" and went and got my gift -- a set of golf clubs. That started it all for me -- and I still love playing golf today.

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