WAITE PARK - Quarry Park and Nature Preserve gave the public a rare opportunity to see its 100-year-old wooden Liberty Derrick. The Derrick was put into use as part of the Waite Park's Spas Tag Festival.

Mainly used in 1900-1950, Derricks were the main equipment used by granite companies for lifting huge blocks of granite from the quarries.

The Wooden Derrick hoisted a four-ton block of granite out of the quarries for the public.

After being acquired by the Stearns County Parks Department in 1996, the Liberty Derrick was fully restored in 2008 and is operated ones a year.

While not in operation, visitors can view the Derrick exhibit at Quarry Park anytime the park is open.


Wooden Liberty Derrick gives demonstration (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)