UNDATED - The library continues to be a bustling hub of activity in many central Minnesota communities. Ryan McCormick is the Patron Services Supervisor for Great River Regional Library. He says today's modern library is still doing what they've always done, they're just doing it in different ways.

Essentially what we've always done, we help people navigate information. Find information that they need. Find reliable accurate timely information. We previously did that exclusively through books and other printed materials, where as today we do it online a lot more.

McCormick says their online services include access to the website ancestry.com. He says in many towns the library has the fastest wireless internet service, so kids will gather there to do their homework. McCormick also says they are still seeing growth in ebook checkouts, but interest in ebooks has leveled off over the past few years as readers go back to more traditional books.

He says the new big thing at your local library is hands-on activities.

We call them maker spaces. It's just a chance for people to come in and experiment and explore and try things out and learn from it.

McCormick says over a half-million people visit the St. Cloud Public Library every year.

Great River has branches in 32 central Minnesota communities.

This is "National Library Week".