ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) -- Prosecutors have asked police to do more investigating
before charging a suspect in a triple homicide at a St. Paul apartment building.

The Ramsey County attorneys' office says police handed over the file Monday on
19-year-old Jeffery Arkis Taylor. Prosecutors say they reviewed it and decided
they needed more investigation to establish the extent and nature of Taylor's
involvement in Friday's events.

Police have say Taylor was the half-brother of 20-year-old Jeffrey Jemaile
Taylor, who was eventually found dead by officers canvassing the neighborhood
after a father and two teenage daughters in the apartment were found slain. The
girls' mother was critically injured.

Jeffrey J. Taylor shared an 18-month-old child with one victim. Police say they
found the surviving suspect hiding in a shed with the toddler, who was unharmed.