ST. CLOUD -- Some 450 inmates at the St. Cloud Prison who are nearing their release dates are getting connected to resources to help them on the outside. The 4th annual Transition Fair includes 52 vendors including housing services, employment, healthcare and child support agencies.

30-year-old offender Jason is nearing his release after serving a 15-month sentence for assault. He says he is looking for a second chance but is nervous about the unknown.  He had no idea there were so many people willing to help him when he is released.

Rebecca Fratzke is the prison's Transition Coordinator. She says these offenders have been cut off from the outside world for years and need help with things like housing, employment and other things we take for granted.

Department of Corrections spokesman John Schadl says 95% of the state's prison population will be released at some point. He says they want to educate the offenders and help prepare them for life in a civil society.

Schadl says two-thirds of the inmates never re-offend and they are working to increase that number.