ST. CLOUD - You can get a warm pretzel from Prezelmaker at the Crossroads Center again.

The popular pretzel destination has returned to the mall after it closed down last year. Co-owner Steve Swanson says they've had a fantastic response from the St. Cloud area community since they opened in their new location.

"We have actually opened five stores from scratch, this will be number six and this is by far the biggest opening we've ever had. The people have just been phenomenal."

Swanson says he and Mark Frandle have wanted to open a Crossroads Center location for some time now. Pretzelmaker is now between Rogers and Hollands Jewlers and Great Clips in the Crossroads Center.

They specialize in pretzels, pretzel bites and pretzel hot dogs.

"The work really keeps me young, Swanson says, "people really like the product. I've been a franchisee for 12 years now and I couldn't have picked a better company."

For more on Prezelmaker, you can visit their website.