Location: GreyStone Nordic Ski Trails located near the St. Cloud Correctional Facility.

Race Course: Consisted of a beautiful rolling course through the woods with some very challenging uphills and fast descents.
Course length consisted of a length of 3.1 kilometers. All categories of skiers navigated this terrain for two laps except the Junior High School racers of which did one lap.

Top 15 Varsity Boys:
1. Nick Proell- Tech
2. Corey Rouw- Tech
3. Chris Rouw- Tech
4. Max Anderson- Mora
5. Zean Baker- Brainerd
6. Gerret Garberich- Brainerd
7. Noah Baker- Brainerd
8. Isaac Wieber- Tech
9. Tom Wollhouse- Mora
10. Barry Schultz- Mora
11. Brendan Johnson- Mora
12. Conner Gunsbury- Brainerd
13. Johnny Gottwalt- Little Falls
14. Jack Erickson- Willmar
15. Ben Hanson- Brainerd

Team Score for Varsity Boys.
1. St. Cloud Tech
2. Brainerd
3. Mora
4. Little Falls
5. Willmar
6. Cathedral
7. St. CLoud Apollo

Top 15 Varsity Girls:
1. Chelsey Rutz- Little Falls
2. Callie Smith- Mora
3. Maria Hauer- Little Falls
4. Allison Kosobud- Brainerd
5. Mattia Hendrickson- Little Falls
6. Kaitlin Geisenhof- Little Falls
7. Bethany Coop- Mora
8. Rachel Eickhoff- Cathedral
9. Gaby Haire- Brainerd
10. Allison Reichl- Apollo
11. Paige Larson- Mora
12. Elena Danielson- Cathedral
13. Anna Lindell- Cathedral-Sartell
14. Anna Lindstrom- Cathedral-Sartell
15. Sarah Fairbanks- Brainerd

Team Score for Varsity Girls:
1. Little Falls
2. Mora
3. Cathedral- Sartell
4. Brainerd
5. Apollo
6. Willmar
7. St. CLoud Tech

(Results courtesy of Mike Schroden)