I had the pleasure of interviewing three of the amazing students at Cathedral High School that are now in the new Cathedral Prayer club.

The students stopped by with Campus Minister Deb Schnettler told me that the club offers anonymous one on one prayer, for people who really need it. The students commit to praying for an individual 24 hours a day, whether its just through a thought about that person or through prayer.

Anyone can call the Prayer club with a person that needs prayers. A student then is given just that person's first name, and a little information about the person's situation. The student and the person being prayed for remain anonymous, so nothing gets in the way of prayers.

The students collectively told me that they've learned through praying for others, that their everyday problems in live seem so insignificant, and it really puts the importance of people in perspective.

The Prayer Club was created from an idea that came to Deb in the middle of the night. She was thinking that even though it's nice to pray for people once a week, how wonderful it would be to be able to offer continuous prayers for people who really need it, whether it be family crisis, terminal illness, or sickness, the people that are receiving the prayers say it is comforting to them to know that there is someone always holding them up.

All of the students that I spoke with, said they really felt a calling to come forward and be a part of this special group. Younger students are now also showing interest in joining the prayer group, so they are hoping to expand to the younger kids as well.

If you have someone that you would like prayers for, you can contact Campus Minister at Cathedral High School Deb Schnettler, and she will share your information with one prayer student.

For more information you can click HERE now.