ST. CLOUD -- The Stearns History Museum has a new exhibit on display that highlights how electrification changed life in central Minnesota.

The "Power On The Prairie" display looks at what life was like without household power in the 1940s.

Randy Rotstein is the board president at Stearns Electric Association. He says many people don't realize  that electricity is being generated the same way today that it was more than 70 years ago, "you plug in your cell phone and you probably have no idea that electricity is being generated just like it was in the 1940s--only at a larger scale."

There are a few hands-on displays that demonstrate the amount work that goes into generating power.

A bike display is set up for you to create power of your own. There are posters that tell you how long you have to pedal in order to generate enough power to do laundry, charge your cell phone battery or make toast.

The exhibit is on display now for the next three years. Admission is free for all museum members.

See a video of the exhibit below.