OAKDALE (AP) — Authorities in Oakdale are still trying to determine why a 34-year-old man allegedly shot at vehicles, killing a 9-year-old boy and injuring two women.

Police Chief Bill Sullivan says Tuesday that it appears the shootings were random.

Police say they arrested Nhan Lap Tran of Oakdale on Monday after responding to a report of shots fired. Tran is in custody on suspicion of murder.

Police are still investigating. Sullivan says it appears Tran legally owned the handgun used in the attack, and that Tran has no history of mental health issues that authorities know of.

Nine-year-old Devin Aryal was shot multiple times and died. His mother, Melissa Aryal, was hit in the arm. A 68-year-old woman in another vehicle was undergoing surgery for multiple gunshot wounds. She's expected to live.

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