ST. CLOUD - St. Cloud police are asking for your help as they look for two people who tried to pawn a stolen bike valued at $7,000.

The pair tried to sell the bike at Pawn America on December 3rd.

The man is described as 6'2" with a bald head, and a large scar on his head. He was wearing a boot on his foot as if he was injured and was using crutches.

The suspects were in a blue Pontiac Grand Am.

They tried to sell the bike at several other locations in St. Cloud as well.

The bike was stolen on December 2 from northeast St. Cloud. The bike is described as a 2017 Focus Izalco Max, black with white accents.

Anyone with any information should call St. Cloud Police at 251-1200 or contact Tri-County Crime Stoppers at 255-1301.