BROOKLYN CENTER  (AP) - Police in a Twin Cities suburb say a woman's obsession with a relationship that ended eight years ago led her to fatally shoot her ex-boyfriend.

Thirty-nine-year-old Rochelle Inselman of Eden Valley was charged with second-degree murder Wednesday. Authorities say that after Inselman and the victim, 42-year-old Bret Struck, broke up in 2004, she continued to harass him. Police says Inselman hacked into Struck's Facebook account and sent defamatory messages to his friends and family and also stole Struck's identity to apply for some credit cards.

Then on Feb. 12, prosecutors say Inselman broke into Struck's Brooklyn Center home and shot him.  Police got the evidence they were looking for when a gun box was found in the trash at an area rest stop. Investigators say they traced the gun box to Inselman.

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