ST. CLOUD - St. Cloud police are investigating a shooting on the north side of town.

Assistant Chief Sue Stawarski says some people have been detained for questioning. She says they are seeking search warrants to get into two houses that are right next to each other.

One person has been arrested on an outstanding warrant.

She says the victim has non life-threatening injuries.

Police used dogs to track footprints from the scene of the shooting, which was in the 400 block of 17th Avenue North.

Officers surrounded a home on Third Street North and were preparing to begin negotiating with the people inside. A man inside then came out, along with two young children.

Police say it's still an active investigation and are asking residents to stay away from the area.

Due to the incident, Tech High School went into a containment, but the students and staff are not in any danger.  The school website says "the containment at Tech High School has been lifted,  and normal operation of our school has resumed".

The incident began at 10:45 a.m. this (Friday) morning.

A map of the area police are asking the public to stay away from today as they investigate. (Google Maps)
Police block off a cordoned off area west of downtown St. Cloud. (Photo by Tim Lyon, WJON News)