ST. JOSEPH - The St. Joseph city council voted against a proposed location for a dog park on Monday night.

The city park board recommended putting in a dog park between Fir Street and Highway 75, directly east of the Lake Wobegon Trail. City administrator Judy Weyrens says every council member wants a dog park, but several were concerned with the location.

"They all supported a dog park and they want one in the city, they think it would be a benefit. But they didn't think that property was conducive. It's an easement area that we use for runoff, the terrain isn't really smooth-it has rough cut nature on it."

The proposal fell with a 2 to 3 vote from the council. The city was also presented with a petition signed by 75 residents objecting to the location for the dog park. Some said the location wouldn't be safe for dogs or a good use of city money. It also notes the parcels are currently being used by the city as street drainage.

Some residents who live nearby previously said they were opposed to having a dog park near their home due to noise concerns and the possibility of it decreasing the value of homes.

The city park board will now work to come up with an alternative site to bring back to the city. If a location is finalized, they hope to have donations pay for fencing and volunteer work to clean the area.

"The council encouraged the park board to look at alternatives and see if there is a more suitable piece of property for a dog park. They very much would like a dog park in St. Joseph, they were just concerned about the land," Weyrens says.