SAUK RAPIDS - The third day of the Benton County Fair saw the return of the Famous L.A. Pig Racing Show. Owner Gary Dauer has been running pig races for fourteen years. Part of the fun is Dauer gets the crowd involved.

We hand out little piggies out to the audience, and the audience gets to choose a color. The pig goes around and whatever color wins, that person wins a prize.

Famous LA Pig Racing at Benton County Fair
Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON News

This show doesn't only run pig races however. They have games between the races that included both children and adults. Some of the events include hula hooping, jump roping, bouncy ball, and sack races.

Brianna Granby has been working with Dauer for two and a half years. She says putting these shows on is loads of fun.

Granby says, "No words can describe how much fun I have doing this. As for during the show I think watching the kids do their games, especially the hula hoop game, is my favorite part."


The crowd always gets into the event. Dauer and Granby say it makes it more fun for them when the crowd is having a good time. They enjoyed being back at the Benton County Fair and hope to be here again next year.

If you want to catch more pig racing action, you can go to Leader, Minnesota. Bauer runs pig races every Friday and Saturday through out the summer. Here's a few of the races from this year's Benton County Fair.