Meet Mojo and The Doctor. Two adorable and adoptable fur babies that want to spend the rest of their life with you!

Tri-County Humane Society

Mojo is his name and being adored is his game!

This sweet-faced tiny Pomeranian is four years old, house-trained, and neutered. Mojo was surrendered because his owner had too many animals.

Due to an old injury, Mojo has a bit of a hitch to his gait, so it might be helpful to lift him up on the couch and bed if he’s invited. This compact companion weighs only 3.5 pounds and all 3.5 pounds is ready to go everywhere with his new owner.

Mojo has a quiet personality. He’s content to snuggle and rides well in the car.

Tri-County Humane Society

The Doctor, aka Doc, is a two month old kitten who is waiting to do a house call.

Did you notice his white surgery mask? Doc was surrendered at a very young age and just came back from foster care.

He lived there with kids of all ages, other cats, and even a dog. Now Doc’s been neutered and is ready to go find a permanent practice.

He doesn’t have a real medical degree, but keep in mind; pets are known to lower their owner’s blood pressure!

Check out all the animals available for adoption by going to the Tri-County Humane Society’s website or Facebook page. Or visit them at 735 8th Street Northeast in St. Cloud. They’re open Monday through Thursdays Noon to 6; Fridays noon to 8; Saturdays 11 to 5; and Sundays Noon to 5.