PAYNESVILLE -- With the holiday season upon us, one Central Minnesota man is bringing glad tidings for young people.

Tom Koshiol, of Paynesville, began project "My Room" about 17 years ago, a program that fixes up bedrooms for young people.

Koshiol says the program is meant as a way to thank the hard working youth who help in the Crow River Trail Guards.

"The youth organization we have in Paynesville (Crow River Trail Guards) has some very outstanding and hardworking young folks involved and it's our way of giving something back to them," says Koshiol.

Each year he picks one or two youth for the project and does anything from painting walls, laying new carpeting, or a full remodel.

Koshiol says he hopes the "My Room" project can be a model for other organizations in Central Minnesota.

"Of all the things we do, and I love all the outdoor projects, the My Room projects are often the most rewarding part of my year," says Koshiol.

Koshiol says they try to budget each year for the project but will always welcome donations.

If you wish to donate to the "My Room" project you can visit and click donate.