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ST. CLOUD - The Minnesota High School Cycling League hosted their second race this year with the Jail Trail mountain bike race in St. Cloud today.

Teams gathered from all over the state to race, over 250 bikers were registered to participate.

"This course in St. Cloud is just beautiful, they're going to have a lot of fun out there." Chief Course Marshall Martha Flynn said.

Both boys and girls participate in team scoring for the race. Flynn said the scoring method is part of what makes these races so successful.

"We have girls and boys teams, the great thing about the race is team scoring. So you don't get a boys score or a girls score, everything is combined. It really helps that comradery of the boys and girls cheering each other on."

The Minnesota Cycling League was formed in 2010 and has the goal of providing high quality mountain racing experiences all around the state.

The Cycling League will have another race next Sunday at the Hillside Trail in Elk River. More information and the complete schedule of races this year can be found on their website.


Dan DeBaun, WJON News