ST. CLOUD - On Tuesday we had an ongoing conversation on WJON about how well we know our neighbors.  As part of that discussion, we also put together a short survey.  And we're happy to say the overall results were much more positive that the experience reporter Abby Faulkner had when she tried to meet her neighbors.

A total of 35 people took our survey.  77% of the respondents considered their neighborhood to be "friendly".  And 71% have had neighbors over to their home, while 57% have been in at least one of their neighbor's homes.  About half the people who took the survey said they could name at least six of their neighbors.

For the question, "What have you done to get to know your neighbors?" here are some of the responses:

-- walked over and introduced myself and welcoming them to the neighborhood

-- Get out and mingle! Helps to have children that play together. We have made best friends with some of our neighbors. We play cards every Friday with some neighbors. We have BBQ's and even camp and do other events with our neighbors. We live in a loop of about 10 neighbors and we even had T-shirts made with our neighborhood name on them! We all feel so blessed to have such great neighbors that are more than neighbors, we are friends and families that realize a good relationship with your neighbors actually is the number one key to a happier, longer, helthy life! I LOVE MY NEIGHBORS!!! "Rockline Addition" Holdingford:-

-- Put together a neighorhood group. It is not working.

-- Walked over to introduce myself. After less than l minute, the neighbor went in her house and shut garage door. Now if I go outside and she is outside, she will go in her house. A neighbor far down the block that I don't know tried to have a block party but it was cancelled due to lack of interest. The neighbors with children do seem to talk to each other, but we are seniors, and they ignore us.

-- neighborhood bonfires and volleyball games and it worked.

-- When a new neighbor moves in we bring them cookies and welcome them to the neighborhood. We have made some of our best friends doing this. We also have neighborhood get togethers.

-- We go out of our way to welcome new neighbors. We give them a calling card with our names and phone number,

For the question, "What would make your neighborhood better?", here are some of the responses:

-- Start a neighborhood watch program (contact Saint Cloud Police for details). Offer to plant a gift of perennial flowers to someone who lacks flowers. Shovel beyond your property line. If you have kids, help them make little gifts to hang on each neighbors door handle (eg: a drawing and a couple cookies).

-- Keep smiling and waving so your neighbors know you accept them. Do kind things for your neighbors. It's about establishing relationships and that happens over time with friendliness on our part.

-- Stop the classism that exsists in St. Cloud. There are some areas worse than others...In my opinion it is prevalent in some neighborhoods equal to racism in others

-- Introduce yourself, take an interest, offer to assist.  Not all will want that interaction but many will. Don't be a busy-body, or snoopy!

-- Spend time outside in your yard, do not be afraid to wave or start up a conversation. Most peaple will reply in some sort. "We are Mn. Nice".

-- A lot of hard feelings about dogs barking. Homeowners dont train dogs not to bark in the middle of the night,city doesnt seem to be able to do anything worth-while to stop it.

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