ST. CLOUD - Actress, producer and transgender advocate Laverne Cox spoke at St. Cloud State University on Friday night during its 5th Annual Power and Diversity Conference.

Cox can currently be seen playing Sophia in the highly rated Netflix series "Orange is the New Black". Cox is also the first African-American trans woman to appear on an American reality show on VH1's "I Want To Work For Diddy."

Cox says she loved the idea of visiting St. Cloud to speak at the Power and Diversity Conference.

"I love the idea of a diversity conference," Cox says, "our culture is devised of different people, it's fundamentally American that we're a melting pot."

Cox added that she hoped to add a unique voice to the Conference.

"I was excited about the idea of adding a trans woman of colors voice to this conversation," Cox says.


(Dan DeBaun, WJON News)