ST. CLOUD - If you have some ideas on what you'd like to see in a planned new Riverwalk on the west bank of the Mississippi River, now is the time to speak up. An open house will be held from 4:30 until 6:00 p.m. Wednesday at the River's Edge Convention Center.

St. Cloud Planning Director Matt Glaesman says they're looking for input.

Why would people want to come down to the river front, and if they did, what would they want to enjoy there?  Would they like to enjoy a harder landscape or a softer landscape?  More natural or more urban?  Where do people feel this project should go?

Glaesman says the planned Riverwalk will connect the newly extended Beaver Island Trail to Hester Park.

Last December the St. Cloud Rotary Club donated $25,000 to help jump start the project.

In July the city hired a Minneapolis company to help design the Riverwalk. Construction probably wouldn't begin until probably 2019.