ST. JOSEPH - A group of nuns promoting a get-out-the-vote campaign are stopping in St. Joseph tonight (Monday). The "Nuns On The Bus" will be at the St. Benedict Monastery at 6:00 p.m.

Sister Simone Campbell says  their goal is to get 100 percent of the eligible voters to go to the polls in November.  She says, "We all have the job of voting to make sure that Congress feels the pressure to get some things done. But, before we can vote we have to talk to each other. We need the 100% at the table, so we can hear different perspectives and find the best way forward".

The "Town Hall For the 100%" will find out what issues are most important to local voters. Also, they'll talk about how to combat the influx of big money in the political system.

The Nuns On The Bus are stopping at 75 events, in 36 cities, along a 5,200-mile route.