ST. CLOUD -- A survey of Northstar Link riders last fall revealed most riders use the commuter bus for work. But, students are also using the bus at a nearly 22% rate.

Riders also said fares are reasonably priced. In fact, 9-out-of-10 respondents feel the price is appropriate.

The biggest reason riders use the commuter bus is the cost compared to driving themselves.   Northstar Link spokesman Tom Cruikshank says that was a concern because riders currently have to pay two for the bus and one for the Northstar commuter train.  He says they hope to combine those fares in a year or two to make it more convenient for riders.

Most riders, 26%, responded they ride the bus three days a week. 22% of riders say they take the commuter bus five days a week and 21% of respondents ride four days a week.

In all, a big increase in ridership for 2011. Ridership numbers were 77% higher than 2010.