ST. CLOUD - A decision to create another quiet zone at a St. Cloud railroad crossing has been delayed.

The St. Cloud city council pulled the plan for a quiet zone at the 4 1/2 street northeast crossing, despite hearing a lot of support for it from residents in that neighborhood.

Homeowner Lynn Moore says the train horns are too loud at his home.

However, the one person who spoke against the quiet zone was the owner of Python Recycling, because of how it will impact his business.

The city council wants to bring the quiet zone issue back at a later meeting, after Python Recycling's concerns are addressed.

The quiet zone was originally part of a much larger street improvement project in the Northeast St. Cloud neighborhood, which did get approval from the city council. The project runs from Wilson Avenue east to the railroad tracks, and north to Searle Street.

While the residents like the quiet zone, they're general opposed to the rest of the project, mostly because of assessments on their property, the installation of sidewalks in some yards, and the loss of mature trees.

The total cost of the project is nearly $6.1 million, residents will be assessed over $1.6 million.

The project is slated to be done next summer.

22nd Street South Improvements:
The St. Cloud City council also approved a plan to make improvements to 22nd Street South - from Quarry Road to Oak Grove Road. The total cost for this project is just over $1.3 million, with homeowners being assessed just over $151,000. This project will also be done in 2015.

9th Avenue South/Clearwater Road:
The St. Cloud city council also gave their approval to an $819,000 street project on 9th Avenue South/Clearwater Road - from University Drive to 22nd Street South.