ST. CLOUD - When it comes to fundraisers, local schools are phasing out unhealthy activities like selling candy bars or bake sales for fun runs and walk-a-thons.

Government rules requiring schools to have healthier fundraisers are phasing out unhealthy snacks and bake sales across the country.

The St. Cloud, Sartell-St. Stephen and Sauk Rapids-Rice districts all host walk-a-thons as a healthier fundraising activity.


Aby Froiland is the principal of Pleasantview Elementary, she says the school has stopped selling candy bars for fundraisers.

Froiland says they don't have specific guidelines, but always emphasize healthy foods and activities for fundraisers.

Agriculture Department rules require foods sold in schools during the day to meet certain nutrition standards. Communications director with Sartell-St. Stephen schools, Amy Trombley, says they have also phased out unhealthy fundraisers over the last three years.

"We've really gone away from those types of fundraisers as well," Trombley says.

District 742 director of communications Tami Deland says district policy encourages fundraisers that sell healthy food items or promote a physical activity. The district also stopped bake sales due to health and allergy concerns.

Many schools across the country have been successful in ditching unhealthier options. Others have pushed against the rules, saying the money is needed for school based activities.

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