ST. CLOUD - There's a growing demand for you - and your dog - to do some volunteer work. Therapy Dog instructor J. P. Martin says they have about 15 teams right now, but there's a huge demand for more...

Therapy dogs are used to bring back positive memories in patients, decrease patient's anxiety, and help lower blood pressure.

Joyce Salzer of Cold Spring, and her dog Dolly Nala, volunteer at the school in Avon.

If you're interested in joining the Therapy Dog program, there's six-month class you'll need to attend to get started.  Your dog must be at least one-year old.

If you want more information, call Dorothy at (320) 632-2828.

Therapy Dog "Dolly Nolla" is a great dane that works in the Avon school. Photo by's Joshua Akkerman
Therapy Dog "Spot" is a chiwawa that works at a local care center and the hospital. Photo by's Joshua Akkerman