ST. CLOUD - Today (Thursday) on the News @ Noon show I talked with a local author of paranormal books.

Jules V. Ness is an independent author who has written three books on the subject so far:  Intertwined: Based On A True Story, The Lennox Haunting, and Beyond The Lennox Haunting: The Haunting Of Me, Volume 2.

Ness is working on a fourth book of short ghost stories, which she expects to be released in a few weeks.

The first three books are all about her own personal experiences with ghosts, or spirits.

In my first segment with Ness she talks about a dream about her mother that she had at the age of eight.

In the next segment Ness talks about her book The Lennox Haunting.  It's a story about how she and her husband moved into a home in Lennox, South Dakota they believe was haunted. They only managed to stay there for 38 days.

The book The Lennox Haunting was made into an episode on the TV show "When Ghosts Attack" on the Destination America Channel.  The episode is called "Deliver Us From Evil Spirits".  Ness says the episode was filmed in Cold Spring in July.