ST. CLOUD - The St. Cloud Technical and Community College is getting in on the tiny house movement. The school is planning to have the students build two tiny houses starting in the fall.

President Joyce Helens says the faculty was been on-board with the project right away.

It was so electric. I mean I didn't have to say anything after 10 minutes because it was so loud, everybody was talking over each other, because the ideas were just coming and coming. For instance, our welding instructors said we could weld trailers because a lot of the tiny houses are on a trailer with wheels so you can move it.

Also, Helens says the Energy Tech faculty is looking at installing wind turbines to the tiny houses, for their energy source.

Helens says students in several programs in the school will start working on two tiny homes this fall.

And then they said, well we could have a competition. So what if we build two tiny houses, and then the students would compete. Our architectural design students could design it. Then in the spring we could have like a great big celebration and an auction of tiny houses.

A tiny house is anywhere from 65 to 44 square feet.

Helens says there's been a movement toward tiny houses ever since the great recession. There's TV shows like "Tiny House Nation", tiny house magazines, and blogs like "Tiny House Talk".

The St. Cloud Technical and Community College is looking for input from the public, you can give your thoughts on their Facebook page.