UNDATED - If you're still looking for a few stocking stuffer ideas, a card game invented by a St. Cloud State University graduate could be the right gift. David James Beuning says his game "Play On Words" is good for ages eight to 88.

I say that because it's not just a learning game, it can play very strong as a level for adults. All through the ages really a person can enjoy this. But it really seems to appeal at the base level to parents to play with kids.

Beuning says "Play On Words" has been embraced by teachers and schools. He says he's sold about 3,500 copies of the game in the two years that its been on the market.

Beuning says "Play On Words" is the first and only thing he's ever invented. He says he's a life-long Scrabble lover, and wanted to create something a little more fast paced.

He's now working on different versions of "Play On Words", including: a kids version and a Spanish version, and also an app. version for your smartphone.

Here in the St. Cloud area you can buy it at Games By James and at Paddy's Game Shoppe. He says "Play On Words" is the number one selling word game on Amazon this holiday season.