UNDATED - Doug Ohman is a photographer who has made a career out of taking pictures of some of Minnesota's oldest buildings. He says he enjoys the response he gets whenever he shows his pictures, or gives a presentation, on Minnesota's vanishing landmarks.

Even if I show a building that they don't recognize as theirs personally, it reminds them of theirs. So, it could be for example a country church and it may not be the one they attended, but I know as they are sitting there they are going back maybe 40, 50, or 60 years in their mind.

He says Stearns County has given him a lot of great pictures over the years.

There's many, many treasures. I did a book called "Historic Churches of Stearns County", so I photographed all the old churches in the county over the years, so I know it well. Certainly a church in Stearns County whether it be in Freeport or Albany or New Munich or Melrose or downtown St. Cloud. They're all wonderful pieces of our past.

Ohman is hosting a program on "Vanishing Landmarks" tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10:30 a.m. at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul.