UNDATED - The week prior to the Super Bowl is a good time to stock up on items at the grocery store.

WJON's Personal Finance Blogger Carrie Rocha says most stores have great deals this week on products typically used for parties. She says, "buy what you need for your party Sunday sure. But then think ahead and see if you're running low on things like barbeque sauce and ketchup. You don't need to buy a cart full, it will go on sale again. But we're not going to see these kinds of prices on snack foods until summertime, so buy one or two more."

Rocha says this time of the year also typically tends to be when cough syrup and other cold and flu items are on sale. So, she recommends stocking up now for those summer colds.

And, Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away, which means there's savings to be found on some items. However, Rocha says the number one item on her list isn't what you might think - steaks! She says, "so if you're in the mood for steak, often that week, think of a nice stay at home Valentine's dinner. Steaks and salmon often will go on sale at really good prices that week of Valentine's Day. So I'll buy one or two more and put them in the freezer".

She also suggests waiting to go out for Valentine's Day on the 15th rather than the 14th, especially if you've got a discount or coupon to use which usually exclude holidays.

Rocha says you'll also find your best deals on fish throughout the lenten season.