COLLEGEVILLE - The next great small business idea just might be created this weekend out at St. John's University. An event called "Start Up Weekend St. Cloud" starts tonight (Friday) and runs through Sunday.

Organizer Sam LaBine says it's a competition that challenges entrepreneurs.

They come as individuals and they form teams on Friday night. You could show up not knowing a single person in the room, and still win on Sunday night. It's really just coming in and once you find an idea that you like, going to town on that idea.

LaBine says it's sold out, with 55 people participating.

And once they've formed teams around these ideas, they'll start creating Friday night. The software engineers will start working on the framework of the software product, the marketing people will start figuring out what the product should entail. What people actually want.

Teams will give a formal presentation on Sunday night, with a winning team selected based on their presentation.

LaBine says their next event, called "Start Up Drinks" will be on Thursday, November 19th at the Martini Lounge.