UNDATED - Minnesota towns that no longer exist is the subject of a new book. "Minnesota's Lost Towns: Northern Edition" is a book by author Rhonda Fochs that features about 135 former towns.

She says a lot of them are old logging and railroad towns.

Fochs says she went to about half of the lost towns she featured in her book. She says her book has a lot of then-and-now pictures.

Fochs describes a lost town as "a town that was once thriving, but is now no longer", she says it could still have a few buildings, but just isn't what it used to be.

She says she's already working on her next lost towns book, which will focus on former towns here in Central Minnesota - like Georgeville.

You can still find Georgeville on most maps - it was once found on Highway 55 about halfway between Paynesville and Belgrade.

The central Minnesota edition is due out early next summer.

She's looking for information from area residents about other lost towns here in Central Minnesota.

Fuchs is speaking in town this (Wednesday) morning at the Stearns History Museum.