UNDATED -  As the National Football League gets ready for the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 2nd, advertisers are already starting to roll out some of their ads for the big game.

Dave Shoffner works with an advertising agency in Pennsylvania which also runs the website spotbowl.com.  They bill themselves as the largest Super Bowl commercial poll.

Shoffner says as much as 50 percent of the people tuned-in to the game are watching just for the ads.  He says viewers want to be entertained with the commercials, as well as the game itself.  And, advertisers treat the spots almost like mini movies.

This year a 30 second spot costs $4 million. But, with over 100 million people watching, along with all the hype both before and after the game, Shoffner says the cost is well worth it.

Some of this year's top advertisers in the game include: Anhueser-Busch, Coke, Pepsi, and automakers - with as many as seven car companies running spots.  Some first-time advertisers this year include: Turbo Tax, Cheerios, and Butterfinger.

Some celebrities to watch for are: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Don Cheadle for Bud Light, Steven Colbert for pistachios, and Danica Patrick will make her 12th appearance for GoDaddy.com.

Shoffner says you can go to spotbowl.com to see some of the ads right now, plus you can download a scorecard, and vote for your favorite ads during the game.