ST. CLOUD - Leaders in the St. Cloud area school district continue to plan for a new Tech High School, while at the same time discuss future options for the current Tech building.

School Board Chair Dennis Whipple says they haven't made any decisions.

Whipple says the district hasn't decided yet if they want to repurpose the building, or if it's better to sell it. And, he says they don't want to get ahead of themselves.

Meanwhile, what will happen to Clark Field, if a new Tech High School is approved by the St. Cloud Area School District voters?  Superintendent Willie Jett says, while there's a lot of benefits to having all athletic facilities on campus with the school, they haven't made the decision to scrap the historic Clark Field just yet.

Clark Field hasn't been used for varsity sports since 2012, after mold was found in the locker rooms and concession stand. District 742 has been talking with the city of St. Cloud about possible partnerships for athletic fields at the proposed site for a new Tech High School. 

The St. Cloud Area School Board is hoping to have a final cost estimate for a new Tech High School, remodel Apollo High School, and security upgrades to every building in the district by June. The designs for both the potential new Tech High School and the remodel of Apollo High School are expected to be tweaked and changed a lot over the coming months.Whipple says its estimated the cost to remodel Tech and continue to use it as a high school would exceed the cost to build a new school.

They do know that the referendum vote is expected to happen in November, and that it will be just one ballot question for the whole project.