The News at Noon Show had guests Maureen Warren, Bill Blazar, and Jaylani Hussein on the show to talk about immigration in Central Minnesota.

Segment one was with Warren and Blazar. Warren is with LSS Family Services. She oversees mental health counseling, youth services financial counseling, housing development and services, and refugee services. Blazar is the Acting Director for the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. He directs Grow Minnesota!, the Chamber's statewide business retention and expansion program. Here is the first segment from the News at Noon show on AM 1240 WJON.

During segment two Warren was joined by Jaylani Hussein, who is the Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations in Minnesota. Hussein's family emigrated from Somalia to Minnesota in 1993. He holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science and Community Development/City Planning. Here is the second segment from the News at Noon show on AM 1240 WJON.

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