Roundabout Video from Rebecca W on Vimeo.

SARTELL - Sartell's newest roundabout is confusing for some drivers. City Engineer Mike Nielson says people using the 2nd Street South/Pinecone Road roundabout are not navigating the southbound left turn, to 2nd Street South, correctly.

If you're heading from city hall towards the Blue Line, and you want to take a left turn to go down towards River Road, it's a little bit confusing. There's two left turn lanes there, and people going south making that left turn movement are supposed to kind of drift out to the outside lane, and take the left turning movement from there.

Nielson says some people are using both the inside lane and the outside lane.

Nielson says this roundabout is a bit unique because there's two lanes in each direction going north/south, and two lanes headed west, but only one lane headed east.

He says they may have to consider some different striping, if drivers continue having difficulty figuring it out.

The good news is, there have been no crashes reported since that roundabout opened.